It's time to debug the workplace.

Over the past thirty years, while technology has permeated every aspect of the world, management books based on popular psychology are sold in every airport bookstore, and there has become a truly impressive jump in sheer numbers of startups and startup employees in every corner of the world, there is one metric that outpaced them all:


It is admittedly a confluence of many different variables and causes. Job security is down, working hours among salaried workers have risen and companies are trying new strategies to lower costs, from open offices to flattened management structures to flexible work arrangements. 

Whereas advertising metrics, for example, have fallen to the granularity of each eyeball or click, HR has not kept up pace. We still think that every employee is exactly the same.

Quantified Startup by Quantified Mood is the solution to change all this. With our system, your company will be able to identify small problems before they become big and track the attempts to fix them.