Running a company is hard. There are a million moving pieces. It is almost impossible to keep track of each one.

But if you don't have your finger on the pulse, you may get sideswiped when your dev team is two weeks late with an update for your biggest client, your sales team comes up short due to internal miscommunications, or when your NPS is very low for the first time ever.

You wouldn't run an ad campaign without data, why would you manage your team any other way?


A smart toolset to enable you to make better data-driven decisions.


Daily Pulse

Get the pulse of your company any day of the week. With our easy dashboard, you can glance at what the current mood of the company is, and quickly ascertain if there is any trouble brewing.

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Biweekly Reports

Some analysis are a bit more complex. Using our algorithms we identify the most problematic trends in your company and provide you with aggregated, anonymized information culled regarding types of events and other issues. 


Feedback Loop

Once you've identified an issue and wish to implement a specific tactic to fix the situation, you can use our feedback loop reporting system to track the effectiveness of your tactic.