Is this really private and secure or is that just something you keep repeating on the site for the fun of it?

It truly is. Your personal information is personal and no one else's businesses.

We are a employee-first solution. We restrict the company's ability to perform certain sorts of queries to ensure that they can't figure out anything about your personal mood. 

I noticed that you aggregate certain information and share it with my boss or other companies. How do you do that?

We do aggregate and anonymize information to help identify trends and interindustry and intra-industry comparisons to help give you and your company a bit more direction of what needs to be fixed. In other words, we can see if your customer service department is happier or more stressed than other companies in your industry, and let you know about that.

Nothing happens in a vacuum.

If we spot a city-wide or an industry-specific trend, we will share this information with your company to know that there is a reason for the aberrant data, and not to panic about something you have absolutely no control over. We will also augment such data with professional suggestions of best practices to mitigate the issues in question.

Are you going to sell our company data to our competitors or, even worse, to annoying marketers?


We have a very weird business model at Quantified Startup: charge our customers money and provide the best possible service to our customers. We do use your company data internally for comparisons and may, from time to time, work with academics to help pinpoint workplace stress trends, but all published information will be completely anonymized without any indication of who you are.


You are asking me to do a lot of work. I'm not too stressed, what benefit does this do for me?

First of all, the only thing we really would like you to do is respond to a single text a day with a number between 1-10. Anything more you would like to do, helps you out more.

In the workplace, stress is like any other contagion, like the common cold, the bubonic plague or the avian flu. By taking part in the daily text poll, you are instrumental in identifying a baseline. You may not be currently stressed, but some of you coworkers may be, and your non-stressed data could be crucial for figuring out how to reduce their stress.

Also, you never know. Quantified Startup can help you learn a lot about yourself. Give it a try before you reject it out of hand.


Are there any circumstances where someone else may find out details about my mood?

If you indicate that you are going to harm yourself or someone else, we will involve the necessary mental health professionals. You also can click on a "Help" button to be privately connected with someone to help you with a substance abuse issue or to receive suggestions for a mental health professional to speak with.


Who are you?

We have spent the past year building Quantified Mood, and have previously launched "Happy | Not Happy", a now defunct app for therapists to provide to their patients to help track their changing mood. Our multidisciplinary team understands technology, psychology, and have held numerous positions in many industries.